EFFICIENCY: We provide the cost benchmarks that allow advertisers the efficiency control of their media buying. By month, by Channel, by Zone, etc. reporting also on the Qualitative KPIs, according to local & Int’l best practices.

EFFECTIVENESS: Media planning hasn’t changed much from what it used to be. But the financial crisis diminished dramatically the LOYALTY level for almost all brands. Consumers get bombarded by promos and enter into buying dilemmas almost continuously. Thus the ratio between weekly pressure, weeks on air, length of videos, sync with Digital media and Content creation, needs a fresher orchestration. We empower advertisers to sort out!

MEDIA AGENCY PITCH: We contribute in setting-up the rules to make possible direct comparisons between agencies. And to accommodate also the specific client priorities.


Greece & Cyprus


Principal is Milton Papadakis. Used to be the Central Media Buyer for Unilever for ten years. Set up CARAT Hellas and was its Managing Director for five years. Became the Commercial Director of MEGA TV, then No 2 Channel in terms of income, that moved on to No1. Founded MEDIARISK in Dec 1998

  • hen you feel your agency’s TV buying performance is excellent, who will check and verify?
  • Last but not least: Do you know what are the drivers of sales for your business? Do you have numbers on how much of your incremental sales is due to Advertising and how much due to Promotion? Have you spotted other external drivers? Did you know for example that Chocolate sales are positively correlated with the unemployment index? There is an article on this site that explores this relationship. And there are analysts in this company that can determine WHICH  and HOW MUCH are the external drivers for your own business.
  • Digital Media: Web sites are built to get as much traffic as possible. But … apart your site builders, do you have an independent media auditor to check if everything behind the façade follows the ever growing list of steps to excellence for SEO, for Google detectors, for downloading speed, for all devices, for…
  • Common sense suggests you need to secure your House foundations before building the upper part! Thus, are you sure your web site is getting the appropriate look when accessed through a mobile apparatus? Your site, as time passes by, gathers “garbage”, or pages with thin content. Have you instructed the search engine spiders NOT to read them? Have you set-up properly your sitemap? Have you indexed your pages? Are the URLs you are using SEO friendly? Have you included Metadata? How many lines do you devote to page titles?  Page structure (Home Page) ? Were you perhaps very occupied with the aesthetics and applications you added when building the site? These are antagonistic aspects to the smooth operation of the site and to being easily read by the crawls. What is your priority? Has your KEYWORDS density the proper ratio? Is an 8 better than 15 or vice versa? And versus what? Is your page speed of 5″ good or bad? Where do you assign no-index? Do the social bots see structured data to use? And after all, can you evaluate User Experience? Can you get user feedback? Is your site flexible to implement such a feedback? (not necessarily the case for a large percentage of sites that have a common starting concept). For all these issues and many more questions, who do you expect to come-up with the proper checks and the fixes needed? Your own site builder, or a skillful Media Auditor like Mediarisk? If it was for your own house, would you employ the contractor only? Wouldn’t you have a supervising engineer as well, that with a minimal fraction of the cost, would secure the dignity of the whole construction?
  • To get a trial FULL  REPORT, contact MEDIARISK at (030) 210 6101240, or mail Milton Papadakis Milton@mediarisk.gr 
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