November 2017

“Cosi fan tutte”. And you?

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  Così fan tutte is an opera in Italian by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The work premiered in Vienna Advertising Industry: Financial results for third Quarter of 2017 have just been released: Google in the US reported that revenue hit $27.77bn (vs. £21.2bn, i.e. +31%) in 3d Quarter, while profits were up to $6.73bn from [...]

October 2017

2nd Screen usage

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By Kostas Houndas, Strategy & Business Analytics Officer, TEMPO OMD HELLAS. The concept of “Second Screen”, i.e. of using a second screen while watching television (75% according to Greek Barometer 2016), gained traction in recent years. It has affected the way some advertisers distribute their media budgets, striving to improve marketing performance, and we are [...]

September 2017

Balancing TV & Digital

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KANTAR MILWARD BROWN just released their paper "Get the Media Right - 2017". It is an excellent approach of the discussion of the day. Do we have the Research resources to split our marketing appropriations among the available options? How much TV and how much digital? And this is the most pressing dilemma (67%), [...]

Mobile Ads: Not a media only issue

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COSMOTE, the biggest mobile operator in Greece, just announced that in Aug 2017 data traffic was 40% up vs. 2012 and 50-100 % up in Chalkidiki and other touristic areas. For sure, this reflects the increased intensity of mobile data transfers and searches and the upcoming of mobiles as an advertising medium. Just consider the [...]

June 2017

March 2017

Predictions made in Apr 2016

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In April 2016 Milton Papadakis was asked by the Greek magazine “Marketing Week” to outline the broad lines of expected TV scene changes in the year. The questions: Changes expected in the TV scenery? Ποιες αλλαγές θα πρέπει να αναμένονται στο τηλεοπτικό περιβάλλον τη χρονιά που διανύουμε; Δύσκολα θα μπορούσε κανείς να τις αντιληφθεί [...]

Content & Media Planning

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Media Planning, in order to be effective, needs to examine content. Take for example two skin product categories. Skin care and makeup. Definitely they need very different treating. Skin care is a long term functional concern. Needs continuity planning, with an emphasis on certain periods like the summer after-holidays one. Makeup brings-in "news" all the [...]

January 2017

IRI on Greek Market Jan-Oct 2016

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The sales report that IRI just released for the companies selling mostly through the Super Market channel is not positive. But there is also the well known "hidden factor" of Carrefour-Marinopoulos. The chain that almost stopped operating and is now slowly getting back, on a rescue deal by SKLAVENITIS that still is not cleared [...]

December 2016

12.5% more spots in a market that has long surpassed full capacity

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As we commented in previous post, November airtime demand not only started very impressively in Greece, but concluded in a 12.5% increase in the number of spots vs. Nov 2015. The already heavily cluttered Prime Time concluded in an even more impressive percentage: +20%. Many explanations can contain partial reasons for this. But according to [...]