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IRI on Greek Market Jan-Oct 2016

The sales report that IRI just released for the companies selling mostly through the Super Market channel is not positive. But there is also the well known "hidden factor" of Carrefour-Marinopoulos. The chain that almost stopped operating and is now slowly getting back, on a rescue deal by SKLAVENITIS that still is not cleared [...]

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12.5% more spots in a market that has long surpassed full capacity

As we commented in previous post, November airtime demand not only started very impressively in Greece, but concluded in a 12.5% increase in the number of spots vs. Nov 2015. The already heavily cluttered Prime Time concluded in an even more impressive percentage: +20%. Many explanations can contain partial reasons for this. But according to [...]

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A clearer TV scenery in GR: Wait for Q2

The licensing process that has been put in motion by the government has several steps ahead before the settling-in of the new scenery. The most critical expected step, is the decision of the High Court (Ste), that meets in full synthesis on Friday the 30 Sep. to judge on the compatibility of the law & process with the constitution. The 90 days [...]

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Skincare & makeup: Extreme opponent media planning needs.

Skincare products are essential in summer, especially for women. But when it comes to the "popularity contest", i.e. the number of searches on the Web, skincare products are way behind makeup brands. Aesthetics and fashion are easily beating functionality and protection! Not a surprise that seasoned marketers that know their trade, rely on expert opinion on [...]

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In need of a new equilibrium in TV Advertising in GR

The coming few weeks hold some of the most stressful moments for TV broadcasters and especially for the existing ones. If the licensing process goes on uninterrupted by the High Court (StE), which will convene in full synthesis on July 4th, the exact same date as the deadline for submission of applications, it will mean that in early Aug, each candidate will [...]

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20th century tigers in 21st century jungle

HOW CAN NEWSPAPERS LOOK FORWARD IN THE 21st century?  A PRESENTATION BY MILTON PAPADAKIS AT THE MEDIAMIXX2016 IN THESSALONIKI In small countries, with language barriers,.. There is a future for weekly newspapers. Strengths: Journalistic culture & ethics (remember the mobie “spotlight”), authoritarian signatures Requirements: collective assessment of cost and embracement of directional the same [...]

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