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What Research For Strategy?

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash In Europe, the immigration problem, the effects of the ever changing rivalries between the US, China and Russia and the accelerating Eastbound move of the economic "center of gravity", destabilized among other, the value systems within every European country, with very visible results like the Brexit referendum, the polarization of political views [...]

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Is your ad on fire to attract attention?

  We have been repeatedly arguing this year, that advertising in off-Line media needs in priority to accomplish two things: Become more entertaining & more attention grabbing. Needs primarily to grab the attention of consumers, to stand a chance to deliver the message in the "ad interruption paradigm" we live in. Nevertheless, attention grabbing [...]

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Silly AUDI advertising on FB?

Photo Marketing and advertising entertain a number of beliefs that govern our practices, until … a brave counterexample renders them obsolete. Our June 2018 post “Long or short?” went against the belief that ·      Complicated issues cannot be presented through short videos The latest AUDI campaign on FB “The seriously silly Audi approach to social advertising”, as presented by Marketing [...]

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TV needs to become extrovert!

Photo by Jack Daniel Ocampo Palacios on Unsplash Extrovert towards its own clients, the advertisers. Digital ad expenditure is expected to grow by 13% in 2018, while expenditure on TV by only 2.5% (Source: MAGNA) A universal truth is that the media get a higher percentage of ad revenues, as long as they become more measurable. And [...]

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Length Of TV Commercials

One of the 1 mil $ questions in TV advertising has always been about the right length of the commercial. The media planners were never in favor of the long versions (not always for the correct reasons), while the account handlers usually advocated in favor. A new study published by ADMAP magazine in March [...]

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Should Digital Campaigns Auditing follow on the steps of TV auditing?

When advertisers need to check the performance of their digital campaigns, very often jump into seeking benchmarking comparisons, exactly as they do in TV. But in digital, targeting is much more precise and objectives much more diversified. From awareness building to call for action, the range is quite big. Nowadays, GDPR compliance campaigns is the [...]

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GDPR, Media & Advertising Agencies

The 25th of May is speeding onto us and our daily routines will not be the same from the moment the GDPR will become part of the EU legal system. Are we prepared for this? Barely! A recent pan-European survey that asked executives if their organizations were fully prepared for GDPR compliance got a 50% positive [...]

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The July Greek Financial Crisis and TV buying

At the end of June 2015, the negotiations between the Greek government and the lenders from EU & IMF had derailed. All of a sudden, the then Prime Minister reverted to a referendum on the EU latest proposal. But because all pre-agreed deadlines were surpassed, the Greek Banking system momentarily stood alone, without the backing [...]

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Optimize media investments in Greece

This blog exists to offer marketers & heads of businesses in Greece, ideas and practices about the use of media. Ideas relevant to the Greek market, that increase either efficiency (I do things economically) or effectiveness ( I do the right things). A big part of our expertise on advertising media in Greece, stems from [...]

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