KANTAR MILWARD BROWN just released their paper “Get the Media Right – 2017”. It is an excellent approach of the discussion of the day. Do we have the Research resources to split our marketing appropriations among the available options? How much TV and how much digital? And this is the most pressing dilemma (67%), as seen on the chart.

What we need to emphasize though, before trying to answer such a question, is to secure that every asset we have, is optimized by its own right.

  • Do we have the right cost benchmarks on TV?
  • Are we using the best in class planning principles?
  • Then in digital, starting from the Advertiser’s site: Have we optimized all parameters? Content, SEO results, Bounce rate and so many “details”?

This is the core service MEDIARISK offers to a large chunk of Advertisers in Greece and Cyprus.

  • MEDIARISK helps Optimize TV buying through the appropriate benchmarks every month and Planning through local experience and infusion of International Know-How.
  • Optimizes Advertiser’s “identity” on the web, i.e. the functioning of its web site.

Consider now that TV planning & buying are optimized by 90% and Digital respectively optimized by 50%. We can of course devise the algorithms answering the question; but down the road, the more educated we get on Digital, we will be increasing first that 50% to let’s say 75%. By doing that, we … destroy automatically the algorithm balance, since calculations considered current Digital as was, i.e. optimized at the level of 50% .  Thus, although “How much TV & How much Digital” is the sexiest question, before we come up with our much needed algorithm, we need first to answer the more subtle questions:

Have we optimized TV planning & buying? What are the comparison cost & quality Benchmarks? Do we have an impartial third party to check? – The seasoned impartial Media Auditor, to perform the evaluation?

– Have we optimized our digital presence? And then, have we optimized our digital campaigns? Do we have the impartial third party to check? Do we have the right cost comparison Benchmarks? Do we have the technical skills and checklist? The seasoned impartial Media Auditor to perform the evaluation?

Common sense suggests you need to secure your House foundations before building the upper part! Thus, are you sure your web site is getting the appropriate look when accessed through a mobile devise? Your site, as time passes by, gathers “garbage”, or pages with thin content. Have you instructed the search engine spiders NOT to read them? Have you set-up properly your sitemap? Have you indexed your pages? How many of them? Are the URLs you are using SEO friendly? Have you included Metadata? How many lines do you devote to page titles?  How important do you think line 4 is? Is Page Structure (Home Page) properly set? Were you perhaps very occupied with the aesthetics and applications you included when building the site? These are antagonistic aspects to the smooth operation of the site and to being easily read by the crawls. What is/ was your priority? Do your KEYWORDS density have the proper ratio? Is an 8 better than 15 or vice versa? And versus what? Is your page speed of 5 secs good or bad? Where do you assign no-index? Do the social bots see structured data to use? And after all, can you evaluate User Experience? Can you get user feedback? Is your site flexible enough to allow implementation of such a feedback? (not necessarily the case for a large percentage of sites that have a common starting concept). For all these issues and many more questions, who do you expect to come-up with the proper checks and the fixes needed? Your own site builder, or a skillful and impartial Media Auditor like Mediarisk? If it was for your own house, would you employ the contractor only? Wouldn’t you have a supervising engineer as well, who at  a marginal fraction of the cost, would secure the integrity of the whole construction? Maybe your site builder was asked to perform a “mission impossible”. The Auditor’s role is to bring into the equation not only the best technical practices, but also the trust needed in the long run within the triangle Advertiser-Builder-Auditor.


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