Greece follows the broad International consumption trends, but at the same time, as a result of the Financial crisis that started in 2009, subscribes also to a distinct set of values. The Ad community that is at the forefront of sensing the shifting wind, is already adapting. So it is not by accident that among the 30 top companies that IRI Hellas monitors their sales in the S/M channel, the 5-6 top performers share a common characteristic: They all develop their advertising campaigns in Greece, observing parts or the whole set of Greek values discussed above.

The latest exploration of these values was the EFFIE HELLAS CONSUMER SURVEY, commissioned by EDEE (Ad Agencies Association) and presented by Christina Carabela (QED research) during the 2016 Effie awards ceremony in January 2017.

But before visiting these solemnly Greek findings, we will start with the conclusions of an International survey that goes directionally the same way with the Greek one and sets the framework to “read” better the Greek results: “Meaningful brands”

We were impressed by the Havas Group “Meaningful Brands” report that sets apart the brands that are linked with quality of life and wellbeing. The dramatic main finding, after the large scale research addressed 300,000 consumers: People wouldn’t care less if 74% of brands they use were to disappear. They also consider 60% of the content produced by companies as poor and not delivering clearly the messages that were supposed to deliver.

Dominique Delport, the Havas Media Group managing director, declared that also too much communication was responsible for this.

As stated by the group, Meaningful Brands® 2017 reap greater financial rewards as they outperform the stock market by 206%

  • Google, PayPal and WhatsApp lead the Meaningful Brands® 2017 rankings • Meaningful Brands® outperform the stock market by 206% • 60% of content produced by brands is failing to deliver as Meaningful Brands® 2017 delivers a new wake-up call

This global study from Havas Group, links brand performance to our quality of life and wellbeing.  This year, Meaningful Brands® also reveals new data that tracks the relationship between a brand’s performance, its meaningfulness and the content it produces. The largest global study of its kind (spanning 33 countries, 300,000 people and 1,500 brands), it is the first analysis to measure content effectiveness at this scale.

2017 Meaningful Brands® results

People remain optimistic but also skeptical. 75% of us expect brands to make more of a contribution to our wellbeing and quality of life, yet only 40% believe brands are doing so.

This year’s top ten performing Meaningful Brands® are Google, PayPal, WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Nivea, Microsoft, Ikea and Lego.

Over the past ten years the highest performing brands have been dominated by the tech sector. This year the most meaningful brands ranking is dominated by the top Internet brands – pushing brands like Samsung off the top spot from the 2015 ranking.

Conclusion: Brands need to address the quality of life and wellbeing of consumers and society in general. Then as Yannick Bolloré, the Havas Group CEO said: “These results give us the same kind of wake-up call we delivered back in 2008 when we demonstrated that most people wouldn’t care if 74% of brands disappeared. For 2017 we see two new statistical facts: content’s critical role in creating brands which are meaningful to people and the underperformance in this area.

The data is clear, brands must rapidly become better at seizing the opportunities that good content can offer – or they – and the advertising community that supports them – will struggle to survive.

EFFIE HELLAS CONSUMER SURVEY: Beyond the details, there are clear findings showcasing that brands, in order to remain relevant in the long run, have to secure the so called “license to operate”, a term coined in the nineties by the International Research Institute on Social Change.

Now matter how big or how old a company you are, you need to offer back to society. And only then you are eligible for this license by the society at large.

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