When advertisers need to check the performance of their digital campaigns, very often jump into seeking benchmarking comparisons, exactly as they do in TV. But in digital, targeting is much more precise and objectives much more diversified. From awareness building to call for action, the range is quite big. Nowadays, GDPR compliance campaigns is the new scope widening issue. So the more diverse the objectives, the more performance practices cannot imitate those TV. Instead, advertisers must group their communications by objective and COMPARE vs. THEMSELVES! Their digital gold standard should be their latest campaign performance and up to the saturation point, they must compete vs. themselves at every level of the digital funnel, to produce incremental results. We would actually expect advertisers to understand first, what the results were on every step of the effort undertaken before the next burst.

So, a few of the checks a digital advertiser should perform:

  • Am I getting adequate traffic numbers for my investment?
  • But at the same time, am I getting the quality traffic I need? Is the population I attract potentially interested in my product-service?
  • Have I done my A/B copy testing?
  • Do I have the proper landing page?
  • Is the flow … flowing?
  • In every step, the outmost care should go to what in the digital jargon is called “event”. If you are distributing a Newsletter, the opening is an event. But also the time zone the Newsletter is opening, could be defined as another event, if this piece of knowledge helps you better understand your customers and improves next moves. The “put in basket” and the final “pay” stroke numbers, may differ. Could be due to a customer interruption, or could be … because of you! Some sites instead of a simple final stroke, include also an obligatory ticking box, “I agree with the terms…”. Every silly additional ticking box, is a sale cutter! So auditing needs to check not only the traffic & conversion rates, but also the conversion from step to step, to provide insights on the priorities that need to be fixed. Is it the product-service? Is it the process to convert? Is it the landing page?
  • Going back to the big picture, HubSpot has illustrated the steps extremely clearly:



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