Πόσο αλλάξαμε στην εποχή του COVIT-19?

Ραγδαίες οι αλλαγές που έφερε στη στη ζωή μας η επιδημία, με αρνητικές αλλά και θετικές συνέπειες. Θα καταγράφαμε σαν κορυφαία  στις θετικές, την επιτάχυνση του προσωπικού Digital Transformation, που έμμεσα διευκολύνει και αυτό των επιχειρήσεων και του κράτους. Καταναλωτές: Εκτός από τη στροφή στο διαδίκτυο, άλλαξαν και οι προτεραιότητές τους. Τώρα η εξασφάλιση [...]

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Τηλεοπτικά μηνύματα σε δύσκολα νερά

Μία γενική αντίληψη ότι τα media είναι κάτι πολύ μακριά από τα θέματα δημιουργικότητας στη διαφήμιση, φαίνεται να είναι καλά ριζωμένη.  Κι' όμως, αυτοί που στελεχώνουν τις εταιρείες media, είναι πιο κοντά απ' όλους στις έρευνες γύρω από την αποτελεσματικότητα της διαφημιστικής επικοινωνίας. Γνωρίζουν πηγές, σε Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό. Είναι συνδρομητές σε ό,τι πιο [...]

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Media Agency Pitch

Media Pitches need to follow the guidelines of EACA, The European Association of Communication Agencies. MEDIARISK works towards this end. Points to consider: TV & Digi need separate processes. The Pitch process does not end with the signing of the contract. Needs following for the next 12 months. The MEDIARISK TV Pool is the [...]

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The day After: NORMALITY

My friend and business colleague Alain, who focuses on CX, makes the difference today. He does not repeat for a millionth time the literature on corona, but he offers a sound orientation for Customer Centered business leaders for the day after! Through his company - Shalima - Alain is involved in a number [...]

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Coronavirus and Creativity

I am borrowing one only phrase from the survey results just published: Globally, people are most in favor of brands responding to the outbreak by providing flexible payment terms (83%), offering free services (81%), closing non-essential stores (79%) and helping to produce essential supplies (67%). My personal understanding is that the sentiment is more [...]

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Marketers … arm yourselves!

Marketing managers, you are not the sole guardians of the Brand. But you are the sole responsible for the systems and processes by which you measure the Brand and its competitive performance! If you fail to put them in place, remember Peter Drucker: You cannot manage unless you measure. Or perhaps, you cannot defend [...]

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WeTransfer IDEAS REPORT 2019

The well-known WeTransfer service, just published its 2019 IDEAS REPORT. For sure you will recognize many of your own thoughts. But this is a concrete compilation to have at the beginning of 2020! How many ideas do you need before you strike gold? And does a great idea mean money in the bank or [...]

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Marketing Measurement Report: Emerging Media Outperforms Traditional Media

Analytic Partner’s latest ROI report is now out. Insights from over 16 years of research and measurement projects conducted with 700+ brands. Findings indicate higher ROI potential over traditional channels, although one needs not to go to extreme interpretation of the results To access the report:  

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