20th century tigers in 21st century jungle

HOW CAN NEWSPAPERS LOOK FORWARD IN THE 21st century?  A PRESENTATION BY MILTON PAPADAKIS AT THE MEDIAMIXX2016 IN THESSALONIKI In small countries, with language barriers,.. There is a future for weekly newspapers. Strengths: Journalistic culture & ethics (remember the mobie “spotlight”), authoritarian signatures Requirements: collective assessment of cost and embracement of directional the same [...]

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MEGA CHANNEL- The three days of the condor

End of the Road for MEGA? Wed 25 May 2016, Thursday & Friday 27 May 2016 will be critical: Consecutive meetings of the Board, shareholders and the lender Banks are taking place to shape the future (or no future) of the first private TV channel that ever broadcasted in Greece. Apart from the internal disagreements between [...]

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Farewell to an Advertising Tax in GR

Once upon a time, the association of journalists was setting up a lottery at the end of the year, named "Lahio Syndakton". It was perhaps the most famous lottery and the gains were apartments or even blocks of apartments, that in the sixties incarnated the absolute symbol of social evolution, the dream of every family. Then at the end [...]

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MEDIARISK in the Press – in Greek

Δημοσιεύθηκε στο περιοδικό Marketing Week, 13 Apr 2016. Ποιές αλλαγές θα πρέπει να αναμένονται στο τηλεοπτικό περιβάλλον τη χρονιά που διανύουμε; Δύσκολα θα μπορούσε κανείς να τις αντιληφθεί σε όλο τους το εύρος και την ένταση, ωστόσο η απάντηση στο ερώτημα είναι άκρως επιτακτική για τους διαφημιζόμενους, οι οποίοι ως οργανωμένες επιχειρήσεις πιέζονται να προγραμματίσουν τις [...]

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Media planning in Gr, 6 years within the Financial Crisis

A recent white paper by Millward Brown on Brand Loyalty, among other things, triggers a reconsideration of our line of thought in media planning, which for sure cannot be the same as before the crisis. The Millward Brown paper is titled “Demystifying the Consumer Journey”. It states that           Marketers identified “planning across consumer touchpoints” as [...]

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What Changes on Greek TV and when? Advertisers are commercial entities that need to plan their activities. Once more, they get no concrete answers

The basic arguments of this article: The licensing process for the TV Channels will consume the major part of 2016 – if accomplished. Thus, an eventual scenery change will affect only the latest part of the year. Airtime supply showed again in 2015 a very high elasticity. Thus, without excluding seasonal price (CPR) increases, also [...]

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