Should Digital Campaigns Auditing follow on the steps of TV auditing?

When advertisers need to check the performance of their digital campaigns, very often jump into seeking benchmarking comparisons, exactly as they do in TV. But in digital, targeting is much more precise and objectives much more diversified. From awareness building to call for action, the range is quite big. Nowadays, GDPR compliance campaigns is the [...]

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My top 10 quotes on striving

Throughout the more than 40 years Virgin has been in business we have been continuously striving – striving to deliver wonderful products and services, striving to make a positive difference, striving to change people’s life for the better. Had we not kept striving, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. There can be [...]

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Facebook Offers Local Businesses Two New Awesome Ad Tools

What Happened: Facebook’s local ads are about to get more powerful. On Thursday, the social network introduced two ad products that can greatly benefit local businesses. One is a free analytics tool called “Local Insights” that shows SMB owners the foot traffic around their stores, collected anonymously via the Facebook app’s location services. The other [...]

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Google Analytics: The user at the driver’s seat

Multi-screening is a phenomenon gaining ground in Greece, together with the rapid sales growth of tablets & smart phones (see “Technology use” post). In absence of specialized research, we draw parallels from the UK, from a recent post on Thinkbox. Thinkbox is the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, in all its forms [...]

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