Meaningful Brands: Latest study will deprive marketers in the West from their sleep.

Greece is in the middle between developed and emerging markets, but closer to the former. So, brand aspiration is diminishing, as the "Meaningful Brands" video shows,  at the same time that retailers are becoming the first advertising category. So,... the pressure to brands is double. In such environment, ideally brands need to have continuity on air [...]

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Ad Reaction in a digital world

New 42-country (including GR) study examines consumers' video viewing behavior and the impact for marketers This year, Millward Brown's annual AdReaction study analyzes video viewing among more than 13,500 multiscreen consumers, and also includes learning from parallel copy testing conducted across TV, online video and mobile video ads. We learned digital video viewing minutes now [...]

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Multi-screening is a phenomenon gaining ground in Greece, together with the rapid sales growth of tablets & smart phones (see “Technology use” post). In absence of specialized research, we draw parallels from the UK, from a recent post on Thinkbox. Thinkbox is the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, in all its forms [...]

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