2nd Screen usage

By Kostas Houndas, Strategy & Business Analytics Officer, TEMPO OMD HELLAS. The concept of “Second Screen”, i.e. of using a second screen while watching television (75% according to Greek Barometer 2016), gained traction in recent years. It has affected the way some advertisers distribute their media budgets, striving to improve marketing performance, and we are [...]

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Balancing TV & Digital

KANTAR MILWARD BROWN just released their paper "Get the Media Right - 2017". It is an excellent approach of the discussion of the day. Do we have the Research resources to split our marketing appropriations among the available options? How much TV and how much digital? And this is the most pressing dilemma (67%), [...]

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To engage or not engage in social media marketing?

In 2009, a report from the Altimeter Group in cooperation with the social platform WETPAINT, found that among the top 100 global brands, there was a correlation between the brand’s social engagement and its financial performance. The brands most engaged in Social Media Marketing show 18% revenue growth against 6% revenue decline for not involved brands. The study [...]

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My top 10 quotes on striving

Throughout the more than 40 years Virgin has been in business we have been continuously striving – striving to deliver wonderful products and services, striving to make a positive difference, striving to change people’s life for the better. Had we not kept striving, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. There can be [...]

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The hidden effects of TV advertising

(With special thanks to Stavros Mavraganis, Deputy General Manager MINDSHARE Athens, for suggesting this subject) LONDON: TV has far reaching, but often hidden effects across the communications system, according to a new report which highlights the medium's impact on driving direct and indirect response via other channels. The study – TV Response: new rules, new [...]

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Facebook Offers Local Businesses Two New Awesome Ad Tools

What Happened: Facebook’s local ads are about to get more powerful. On Thursday, the social network introduced two ad products that can greatly benefit local businesses. One is a free analytics tool called “Local Insights” that shows SMB owners the foot traffic around their stores, collected anonymously via the Facebook app’s location services. The other [...]

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Meaningful Brands: Latest study will deprive marketers in the West from their sleep.

Greece is in the middle between developed and emerging markets, but closer to the former. So, brand aspiration is diminishing, as the "Meaningful Brands" video shows,  at the same time that retailers are becoming the first advertising category. So,... the pressure to brands is double. In such environment, ideally brands need to have continuity on air [...]

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Ad Reaction in a digital world

New 42-country (including GR) study examines consumers' video viewing behavior and the impact for marketers This year, Millward Brown's annual AdReaction study analyzes video viewing among more than 13,500 multiscreen consumers, and also includes learning from parallel copy testing conducted across TV, online video and mobile video ads. We learned digital video viewing minutes now [...]

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