I am borrowing one only phrase from the survey results just published:

Globally, people are most in favor of brands responding to the outbreak by providing flexible payment terms (83%), offering free services (81%), closing non-essential stores (79%) and helping to produce essential supplies (67%).

My personal understanding is that the sentiment is more or less the same across social classes and across countries.

In view of this unique condition we find ourselves in, I was looking into what related creative work is being produced nowadays. And the answer came by the Drum’s Creative Works, in partnership with Adobe Stock, who dedicated to showing the best creative work from around the globe.

The whole work can be found at


My own vote goes to Coca Cola, or should I say to … C o c a   C o l a

It always shows confidence and strong belief in your approach, when you take the road of SIMPLICITY!!!

So, once again, less is more. Not only for the message, but also for the medium that carries it! OOH at its best.

And the agency noted:

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