After decades of TV advertising, there is a market culture, that certain things are certain. As for example the ratings campaigns are getting. No question about it, as every TV spot list can be crosschecked by the media auditors. This culture was automatically transferred to the digital media, but now the “watchdogs” are waiving big alarms.

This June, MEDIARISK ( ) organized a digital media workshop in Athens on how best to brief your agencies, to run, monitor and improve performance of Digital Campaigns. 12 advertisers followed and contributed to the workshop. The next step is previewed for the second week of October 2019 ( get the details from )

The two most common downsides:

  • The metrics definitions: Are you comfortable with the definitions used to monitor your performance?
  • Are you aware that there is a considerable rate of FRAUD around? Especially on programmatic?


  • The US Media Rating Council’s (MRC) standard, counts a
    video ad view when 50 percent of the ad is in
    view for 2 seconds or more, or when a user
    engages with a video ad by clicking to expand or
    un-muting it.
  • Snap Ads’ view criteria is 2 seconds for a video view.                                                                                                                             The platform’s video ads run full-screen with the sound on


  has published on Aug 27th 2019 its report on fraud. The level in the US stands at 19%, while in Europe is lower, perhaps because media auditors are widely used in Europe, much more than in the states, for historical reasons.

You can visit the full report at:


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