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In Europe, the immigration problem, the effects of the ever changing rivalries between the US, China and Russia and the accelerating Eastbound move of the economic “center of gravity”, destabilized among other, the value systems within every European country, with very visible results like the Brexit referendum, the polarization of political views and parties etc. and also less visible, less traceable, like consumer choices and their reasoning.

These last are well manifested by the following mapping of countries from 2014. Greece was included for the first time, through the DIANEOSIS sponsorship. And the effects of the financial crisis are apparent. The country moved to the South & the Left of the map, towards the values of survival. At the same time, we can clearly see on the right side the line between Germany (farthermost up on orthologue selections), France in the middle and the UK farthermost right and lower along the values of free expression. Thus, any campaign developed to address these three big markets, if properly done, inescapably will be addressing values quite different and distant from those of consumers in Greece. So the pendulum that goes between Global-Uniform and Local-Specific we think there is sufficient reasoning to be left to move and return to Local.

 How best could marketers do their job today, than placing their faith in research? But we see them either limiting their research assignments, or expecting from them much more, usually without adjusting the ways they used to handle research. We feel the tectonic vibrations in the industry. We see tracking contracts that were running for years to be ruptured. And marketers puzzled on the answers they desperately need to unblock their businesses. And while things look still murky, there is an emerging direction of the shifting “paradigm”. Companies need to devise new STRATEGIES, not only on clues that will come from research, but from wider hypotheses that will be tested step by step in research. 

MEDIARISK is supporting a big number of advertisers in Greece and comes to acknowledge a number of factors at work:

TV is not growing above 2-3% in most markets.

Digi is growing significantly (35% in Greece, but from a low basis and directed heavily on Int’l big operators – Not local)

Starting from digital, marketers are segmenting consumer groups more and more, following specific comportments and tend to adapt accordingly their messages and sometimes their product or service offers to gain relevance. But while doing this, they are not moving from long established practices on TV.

We all accept for example that it is not simple to go for A/B testing on TV. But, … is it really so? The same visual, could nicely blend with two or three different audios and with different music, that could move the end result horizontally and vertically on the X-Y value axes. 

Then as a next step, in the fortunate opportunity that a company can go for a local production, could get STRATEGIC facilitation between alternative directions. Then for better results in our present era, as we have plethora of brands and the options are becoming closer to each other, what needs to be tested is not only the concept, but the actual creative as well. In more than one versions of course.

Marketing & Research can also get inspiration in their common search for answers from the following scheme:

In conclusion, Research Agencies need to take the lead and direct their services to provide the pillars of STRATEGIC DECISION MAKING, plus CREATIVE IMPLEMENTATION SELECTION. It is a process that invites the in-depth cooperation of The consumer, The Advertiser’s team and The Researcher.

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