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Breathing freshness into your media operations

We’ll Show You How

You have two areas to cater:


1. Do things economically. First, check the value for money you get from each medium and compare. Then limit your investment on the media that require too much and deliver too little within your media mix
2. Then check also the qualitative side: Which media deliver meaningful or alternative audiences and improve REACH curves? Which TV Channels offer high TVRs? Which offer the best combination of CPRs & TVRs?
3. Then look for benchmarks: Your own from last month, last year etc. And also your Market ones, if there are Market Benchmarks.


1. Do the right things
2. Aim at the audiences that are interested in your business line (Affinity) and to similar audiences.
3. Check from market share metrics, or eventually from your own selling-out cycles, what is the “effective REACH” of your brand. I.e. what pressure, on how many of your TG and how much continuity to increase your market share by 0.5 or 1 share point?