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“You can’t manage what you cannot measure” Peter Drucker

Do you ever think that your media plan is … a copy paste of the plan of previous year?

Here is a list of checking points:

• Start from the fundamentals:
• When was the last time you had an internal debate about Targeting?
• When was the last time you or your agency gathered some research supported evidence?
• If the definition of your Target Group in plain English was: The source of Business, would you widen your targeting?
• Primary & Secondary Targets?
• Are these the same as five years ago?

Define what you expect your media plan to achieve:
• Key KPIs?
• Are you aiming to increase TOM Awareness? Is continuity a prime concern? Does your content differ from your last campaign? Etc.
• What is the starting point, what are the in-between targets, what the end of the year objectives?

Make the difference!
• When all competitors do the same things, see if you can do more!
• Example: Consider Geography. Hand to your planners your geographical weighted distribution and see if it makes sense to have local media support.

Employ Peter Drucker as your internal controller and let him repeatedly do the dull questions:
• What will the metrics of success be?
• Which country in your Group presents the higher growth? Do they plan differently? What is their mix of content (the promise, the tone of their ads, the time-length, etc) and media (what media, what combination, prime KPIs).