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In media we take decisions almost daily.
Unfortunately, we don’t get feedback regularly. We usually get monthly reports on the EFFICIENCY of our actions: What pressure, what REACH etc.
What we don’t get regularly, is about the EFFECTIVENESS of what we do out there, when we advertise at the same time and in the same shows with our competitors.
Did we grow better in Top of Mind Awareness? Did we improve on favorable opinion amongst consumers? Etc. etc.
Important: Don’t wait for negative feedback to find you—actively seek it out for yourself …
If we want our media planning to make the difference and if we want to learn quickly how well our own creative works (and that of our competitors), we definitively need continuous feedback.
As this is missing from the Greek market, we designed and launched in cooperation with HELLENIC RESEARCH, the

• How long can your brand stay out of air, without permanent damage?
• Does a dominant Share of Voice work?
• Does a shorter TVC work equally well, allowing for higher SOV in peak Christmas time?
• As we monitor how prospect clients talk about the players in a market, can we put in action these verbatim?
• Can we address diverse audiences through digital, using the proper verbatim for each one?
• Can we know what expressions use those that are ready to abandon the market leader?



Imagine how effective your marketing activities will be, if you know all above, if you join Powertracker!
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